Bibimbap To Go’s New Takeaway Menu

We’ve completed redesigned our menu for Bibimbap To Go.

What you will be able to get on the menu is:


Our speciality is bibimbap so of course our new menu will include some of the most popular bibimbap dishes from the restaurant menu. Chilli Chicken, Bulgogi Beef, Tofu and Mixed Mushroom are just a few of the dishes that will be on the menu, all of which will be served with 6 types of vegetables on a bed of either white or brown rice.

Korean Wraps

We’re introducing a new set of dishes to our To Go menu; wraps. Chilli Chicken, Chicken Katsu and Prawn Katsu will be served in a wrap filled with Korean style coleslaw, kimchi, green salad and egg rice. This currently is not served at the restaurants and will be exclusive to Bibimbap To Go.

Korean Side Dishes

If you are feeling a little more hungry than just the mains, take a look at the side dishes that we are bringing over to our takeaway branch. Prawn dumplings, vegetable dumplings, kimchi and edamame beans will be available to eat.